UCANBE Abstraction 72 Colors Eyeshadow Palette T1925

Quantity: 72 Colors/Palette.
Net weight: 50.4g
Eyeshadow palette includes:
38 highly pigmented mattes
3 pressed glitter
3 mix shimmer
24 shimmer
4 micro glitter

Product description:
1 Textures & pigmentation
ultra-creamy, velvety texture without the fallout; professional makeup artist high quality.
each shade is easy to wear, high-pigment eye shadow pallet, friendly for new users
2 Diversified Colors
multicolor eyeshadow palette: includes red, blue, pink, green, and gold
there are 6 parts finishes including matte, micro blende, glitter, mixed pearlescent, micro-shimmers, and shimmer, which fully caters for female beauty makeup.
compared with other finishes, the most arrestive ones are the glitter eyeshadow and the Mmx shimmer, the unique dazzling forest green, purple and shiny gold create an otherworldly sparkle that helps you outshine everyone else.
3 Functions
waterproof eye shadow, long wear eye shadow
4 Safety cruelty free shadows cosmetics:
the eye pallet adopts good and safe materials, and the main ingredient contains mica, talc, titanium dioxide.
the metallic, shimmery, glittery pallet could be easily matches for any skin, making your eyes more energetic for this glitter shadow

Warm note:
1. Don't use matte eyeshadow palette on broken skin.
2. Please do not put waterproof eyeshadow in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep makeup eyeshadow palette out of the reach of kids.