UNIFON 100ml Red Pomegranate Brighten Sleeping Facial Mask Mud T2829

Quantity: 1 Bottle
Net weight: 100ml
Main ingredients:
Niacinamide, Pomegranate Extract, Pomegranate enzyme, Amino Acid, Trehalose, uniGlow, Japanese thyme.

Red pomegranate excrete skin dirt, make skin bright and clear
uniGlow formula hydrating, water-locking, maintaining, three-dimensional to improve dry and rough skin
Pomegranate extract, Selected high-quality red pomegranate, Cleaning dirts, reducing dullness
Thymus serpillum, Contains the essence of thyme plants to improve skin dullness
"Plant ruby" red pomegranate essence, Contains pomegranate polyphenols, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and vitamin C. Helps improve skin roughness and dirt.
"Small light bulb" Japanese thyme essence. The thyme extract helps to improve the dullness of the skin and evenly brighten the complexion.

Beauty Sleep can not be missed:
1. The level of skin activity is affected by the 24-hour rhythm of the circadian rhythm; it has been found that blood flowing through the skin to transport oxygen to the mitochondria is reduced during the day, and the skin is actively degraded, causing dullness and other problems.
2. Night is the"golden"time for skin self-repair: from 10:00 to 2:00 in the evening, it is the most active time of the skin; based on the common cream, the sleep mask increase skin activity and vitality.

The Story of UNIFON Brand
UNIFON is a Chinese cosmetic brand, leader in beauty masks. With patented formulas under uniHydra™, its products use advanced R&D to provide optimal hydration results. Willing to address jelly mask market, UNIFON asked centdegrés to create its new jelly mask visual identity. This jelly mask uses the active ingredients and vitamins of avocado, lychee and mango.
In order to enhance the fruity composition and the freshness of jelly texture, centdegrés designed a fresh and colorful outerpack, following the "Jelly Party"concept. The design also highlights the brand iconic product shape in U.
UNIFON - The Chinese traditional and most popular facial mask brand all over the world.