VIBRANT GLAMOUR 2 Pcs Snail Brighten Shrink Pores Face Cream T486

Quantity: 2 Boxes
Ingredients: glycerin, hydrogenated polydecene, yeast fermentation lyic product filtrate, cetearyl alcohol, cyclopentasiloxane, tocopherol acetate, retinol acetate, curacao aloe leaf extract, oats kernel extracts, snail secretion filtrate, glucan, tranexamic acid, red myrrh alcohol, Vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate.
Net Weight: 2*30g/1.05 oz

Do your skin have the following problems:
Facial skin is always exposed outside, with avariety of dust, dirt and other pollutions in the environment.
The skin can show dehydration, dryness and other troublesome problems.

What is snail filtrate ?
The main ingredient of snail cream is a kind of healing agent extracted from snail slime filtration.
The snail mucin extracts contain natural element, chondroitin sulfat, which can peel aged cutin, prevent skin aging, promote skin regeneration, prevent some harmful bacteria and promote the synthesis of fibroblast, repair scars, acne spots and shrink pores, and other efficacies.

99% aloe vera containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that work wonders for your skin, suppresses melanin to prevent freckles and dark spots caused by sun exposure, also prevents wrinkles and acne while promoting skin elasticity.
Aloe for moisture and lustre, ease and acne removal.

Snail essential face cream is effective in repairing skin scars, stimulating cell regeneration and soothing skin, and can effectively delay the skin aging. Whitening firming, wrinkle resisting, fading spots, adjusts your complexion and brightens your skin.
Effectively control oil and treat acne, brighten the skin color, remove wrinkles, make the skin clean.

How To Use:
1. After every morning and evening facial cleaning;
2. Apply adequate amount to the product on the face;
3. Massage for 2 minutes, until it is absorbed into skin.

Skin Types:
Skin is dry and oily