YUEG Anion Rubber Hair Brush Comb T1620

Brand: YUEG
Color: Dark Green, Black.
Material: ABS+TPR, Rubber

Product description:
1 Anion nourish hair, prevent rash and static electricity, let you have shiny hair.
2 This scalp massage brush can help increase hair growth.<br>Painless soft rubber bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation.
3 The hair comb also smooth the cuticle layer, making your hair shine! Best at removing knots and tangles for wet or dry hair.
4 The curly hair brush takes out tangles without yanking or hurting and can easily be held in your palm. 45% less breakage, 56% less effort, 100% happier hair.
5 The ultra-soft bristles glide through tangles, knots, minimizes pain, split ends and breakage.