ZEESEA Highlighter Eyeshadow Lying Silkworm Pen T2263

Quantity: 1 Stick
Net weight: 0.26g + 0.55g

Double head design
Light color head: lying silkworm
Accurately depict the lying silkworm part, with fine flashing pearlescent light, making the lying silkworm more full and three-dimensional.
Dark color head: eyeshadow
The colors are saturated and gorgeous, and the silk-like fine flashing feeling radiates the charm of both eyes.

1 Double-ended pen-shaped design, easy to carry, and quickly create delicate eye makeup.
2 High color rendering, delicate pearlescent particles, bring out silky light feeling.
3 Smooth, non-flying powder, natural and obedient, brightens and brightens eyes.

The Story of ZEESEA Brand
ZEESEA is Top 1 international cosmetics brand in China.

Advocating natural excellence; committed to providing young women with fashionable, cutting-edge, and artistic high-quality makeup products, calling on them to experience and create a colorful life with confidence, individuality, and frankness.

In the ZEESEA R&D team, 30% of beauty engineers have 20 years + experience in beauty development, and 70% of makeup artists have experience in international brands. In addition, ZEESEA also cooperates in-depth with the world’s top supply chains, such as Italy’s Intertec and South Korea’s Cosmax, Cossmanja, etc., explore the power of beauty technology together.

The ZEESEA design team is composed of professional designers who have served PORSCHE, Hennessy XO, Skalli and other international brands, and has won many advertising awards.
In September 2020, the ZEESEA×British Museum joint product-Queen of Egypt powder and Anderson cat eye shadow won the internationally renowned creative design award-the "2020 German Red Dot Design Award", which is known as the "Oscar" in the design world.