Summer Must-have Top 5

In summer, the temperature is high, the metabolism is fast, so our face is prone to oil.
We don't wear too much clothes, so we need to remove hair from our private parts.
Lipstick and nail polish are essential.
Summer, are you ready?
Today, let me take you to prepare for the summer must-have Top5.
Top 1
After removing hair, apply a layer of aloe vera gel to make the skin more comfortable
Top 2
OULISI Natural Matte Lipstick
Top 3
M'AYCREATE Makeup Setting Loose Powder
Removes oil  well, leaving skin fresh and shiny
Top 4
Snail Secretion Extract Moisturizing Face Mask
Top 5
O'YAFUN 40 Colors Peel Off Nail Varnish



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