Tips For Different Skin Tones With Lipstick

Girls are born to love beauty, and lipstick can bring them different styles and charms. When choosing lipstick, many women will do whatever they want.

When they see what color someone else is painting, they will follow the imitation, which may not be suitable for themselves.

For people with different skin colors, it is also a matter of choosing which color lipstick to use!

Generally white skin is easier to match. Lipstick of red wine color is a very ideal choice, and it shows distinctive temperament and charm. It's worth noting that you don't choose too pale colors, otherwise people with white skin will appear to have no complexion and vitality, which will lose the meaning of lipstick.

People with slightly yellow skin are more suitable for matte lipsticks of warm colors, such as orange, maroon, plum, etc., which will make the complexion appear white and transparent. Not suitable is the light color, which will make the skin more dull.

If you have brown skin, choose red, fuchsia, darker pink, try not to use orange and pale pink, these two colors will form a sharp contrast with the skin tone, it seems not harmonious.

Don't apply darker brown lipstick, too. It is too close to the skin color to show the outline of the lips, and it can't show the sense of layering and outline.

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