Founder's Story - A Girl From a Backward Mountainous Area to Realize Her Dream

I am a rural girl, born in a mountainous area. The prejudiced thoughts of patriarchy have made me grow up in poverty, being bullied, looked down upon, betrayed, frustrated, and physically hit.

Looking back, these experiences have shaped my firm character.

I clearly remember my high school tuition fees and college tuition fees were borrowed by my parents from others. Of course, my parents and I were stared at, sneered at, and humiliated.

All of these make me more powerful, to climb up from the bottom of the society, as high as I can.

I understand that only I have become the real strong man, I can protect myself and the people closest to me.

My reluctance to admit defeat and my courage to break free from traditional dogmas countless times have allowed me to reap numerous rewards and gifts. It has also made me braver and more resolute to continue moving forward.

In the eyes of those around me, I have always been seen as both a legend and a joke, but these perceptions are not important. I have never believed that I would settle for an ordinary job and lead an ordinary life.

I enjoy thinking and have a knack for making choices. I embrace challenges and actively seize every opportunity to improve myself.

A moment at work changed my life. An American Chinese woman wrote in a product message: “Thank you for creating such high-quality cosmetics. I am proud of our motherland and compatriots, but it’s a pity that we can only buy a small portion of Chinese cosmetics.”

Inspired by this, we founded LookHealthyStore.

I vividly remember the day when I finished my run, feeling great. I have always enjoyed exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The word “Healthy” is my favorite, so I registered

Subsequently, I quit my job and devoted myself to website construction, product selection, and marketing without any distractions. I worked tirelessly for three years without real rest. Even when I wasn’t in the office, my mind was still engaged.

I have also experienced confusion, struggles, and moments of contemplating giving up, especially when I had to pause and rest due to exhaustion and physical issues.

During such times, I would question myself: “Is it worth it?” The worst part was watching my bank account balance decrease steadily, while the pressures of my career and family weighed heavily on me.

It was around this time that I came across an inspiring story about Elon Musk, which gave me strength:

During Elon Musk’s work on the SpaceX project, he faced several failures. The last time, there was only $100 million in his account, barely enough to launch a rocket. Most people would have chosen not to proceed, but Elon Musk decided to go ahead, and it worked. Due to his previous failures, the probability of success this time was greatly increased.

Motivated by this, I chose to keep pushing forward. With unwavering perseverance over the past six months, our website’s operational data has significantly improved, and I have begun to make profits. I understand that the efforts made previously require time to be converted into value—a simple truth akin to spring plowing and autumn harvest.

There are no shortcuts in the realm of business; you must remain grounded and practical.

Every ordinary person, if we want to achieve a counterattack in life, we need to escape from the world, learn to think independently, make our own judgment bravely, and then go forward bravely, challenge, and change the rules.

We must believe that destiny can be changed. As long as you are ambitious and dare to venture, you will definitely encounter your own opportunities.

Every friend who has a dream, go chase your dream, don't waste a second.

Happy everyday😊

Thank you very much🌸💐

Echo Jones