5 Must-have Items For Your Makeup and Skin Care in Summer

For most people, after summer every year, our skin will become dark, dry, rough, even acne, red pimples, but there are always some people who still have delicate and radiant skin even after the whole summer. Through their sharing, I found that they just have done four things well: sun protection, moisturizing, oil control and brightening.
Combined with the repurchase rate of our website customers, we have selected 5 items and recommend them to you today.

Top 1 UNNY CLUB Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 PA+++

After wiping, it quickly forms a film in 3 seconds, absorbs quickly, with a refreshing texture and a light orange flavor.
There is a slight modification to the skin, very comfortable and mild, and its price/performance ratio is very high. ONLY$16.59/50ml.

There are two versions: moisturizing and brightening.
The sun protection effect is really good, and it is no problem for the whole day.

Top 2 PROYA Aqua Renewal Soothe Repair Facial Mask

White ice cream yogurt texture, light fragrance is not pungent, not greasy at all. The moisture level is very high, and after applying it, you will feel cold and comfortable. For dry desert skin, this is a lifesaver.

After summer sun exposure, this facial mask is the go-to.

$24.99/75ml, it is very cost-effective.

Top 3 EVM Niacinamide Vitamin C Ampoule Essence Lotion

To combat the dull and dark skin of summer, Niacinamide + Vitamin C is the best choice.

The texture is refreshing and not greasy at all, suitable for summer use.

$29.99/60ml, as a functional product, the price is very cost-effective.

Top 4 COLORKEY x POKÈMON Oil Control Foundation Pressed Powder

I believe that many people buy this pressed powder because of its cute PIKACHU, but all love it for its quality. The powder is very fine and the oil control effect is very super well. There is also a price of only $17.99.
Three surprises, so that the sales of this POKÈMON makeup powder have been high.
I do not think there is any reason to reject it.

Top 5 COLORKEY x POKÈMON Mirror & Matte Lip Glaze

The COLORKEY brand is famous for its lip glaze, moisturizing, light and thin, unique and amzing color, every aspect and detail is excellent, the price is only $11.99/stick. And there are many gift sets, which are particularly cost-effective.

This Pikachu version is best selling all the time. Mirror lip glaze is the best choice for summer makeup. Matte lip gloss is perfect for all seasons.

Summer is coming, let's have a wonderful summer together.

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