14 Wrong Skin Care Tips You Must Know


You really need to find the right one that suits you, do what you can, and use them right.
Today we will share 14 skin care tips that are easy to make mistakes.


"I carry a moisturizing spray and spray it every day, is this correct?"


Lack of water can cause many problems, but "over-hydration" of the skin is also very bad. After a while, you may experience sensitive and stinging on your face.


"I have good hydration, can I avoid lotions and creams?"


Moisturizing and moisturizing are two different things. When the hydrating is in place, the moisturizing is not in place, and the skin can't lock the moisture, it is no use. Therefore, you must use the same lotion or cream. A refreshing water cream is a good choice.


"Essence is so expensive, I think it's actually not much different from the function of milk?"


Essence is precisely the most important step in daily skin care. It can intensively replenish nutrients and is more targeted for skin problems than lotions.


I usually do skin care in the order of "water milk essence", right? "


The correct order of skin care: water-essence-eye cream-milk-cream.


"I don't have dark circles and fine lines, so I don't need to apply eye cream?"


It will be too late when it is reapplied. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing, the eye cream also delays the appearance of wrinkles.


"I have fat particles around my eyes. Is it because of eye cream?"


The "fat particles" around the eyes, usually milia or syringoma, have little to do with skin care products.



"I use skin care products to no effect, is it because the product is not good?"


Maybe the product is not suitable for your skin type, or it is not suitable for your skin problems, or it may be that your dosage is too small.


"My skin absorbs slowly, and the mask takes a long time to dry. The longer I apply the better?"


The time to apply the mask should be 15-20 minutes. If the mask dries, it will absorb moisture inside the skin and the moisturizing effect will be significantly reduced.


"Does the mask have no other effect besides moisturizing?"


Applying a mask can also remove the aged keratin on the skin surface and make the skin texture more delicate.


"I put on sunscreen, so I don't have to be afraid of tanning when I go out?"


Pay attention to the SPF and PA of the sunscreen: low SPF means that the limited time of sunburn is short, and it should be reapplied frequently; if the PA is weak, the effect of sunscreen is not high.


"After sun exposure, the first priority of skin care is whitening?"


After sun exposure, you should replenish water first! The skin is calm and soothed, and it is not too late to whiten it.



"I'm still young, so I don't need to fight against old age?"


Of course, the earlier the anti-aging, the better. You can choose products that prevent aging when you have no symptoms.


"The baby moisturizer is said to be milder. Can adults use it?"


Baby cream has simple ingredients and simple effects. It is definitely not enough for adults.


Are those remedies for whitening pearl powder, white vinegar, and egg white for blackheads on the Internet useful? "


Give the food back to your stomach, give your skin to professional skin care products, and choose brands with natural ingredients, safe and secure.

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