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ANTHEMY is the personal brand of kunKunVIO, a popular beauty blogger.🦋
KunKunVIO's talent in beauty makes us admire him. He likes to innovate and break through, and many of his wild ideas amaze us again and again.
He loves butterflies, so a large part of his makeup is inspired by butterflies. He is also the most vivid and beautiful beauty blogger who currently paints butterfly makeup.
Many fans say: Any of his works is enough for us to try and learn for a lifetime.
This is not an exaggeration at all.💚
In 2020, he started with imitation makeup, and it was almost a leap forward. In 4 years, his talent and hard work have made more and more people love and fanatic.
In 2024, this talented teenager finally has his own personal eyeshadow brand. After going online, it has received unanimous praise from fans.
KunKunVIO, born with beauty, beauty is better because of him.💜

18 Most Amazing & Creative Butterfly Makeup Looks by KunKunVIO🦋