Most Useful Makeup Colors To Match Your Skin Tone

If someone asked you what your skin tone is, would you be able to give them an answer with absolute certainty? If you’re like most people, you have difficulty arriving at a solid conclusion. Before you can choose the makeup that flatters you the most and brings out your best features, you need to learn the answer to this question.

Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

There are several ways to judge your skin color, which will be explained one by one below.

Step 1 Know your skin tone (Undertone)

Hue is the color tone of the skin. In fact, not only foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, concealer and even highlights must be selected according to the tone of the skin. Tone affects the final effect, which is very important! The skin tone is actually the color hidden under the skin.

Your skin tone may be changed by the sun or other influences, but the skin tone will not. This is natural. Our skin can be roughly divided into cold and mischievous. (Cool tone), warm tone, neutral tone.

Cool tone: skin tone is pink, red or blue, represented by Westerners;

Warm tone: skin tone is yellow, golden or peachy, and skin is dark, represented by Asians;
Neutral tone: The skin tone is between cold and warm, and the skin is neither pink, blue nor yellow, but somewhere in between;

Not sure what tone of skin you have? You can use the following simple methods to test yourself:

01 "Vascular self-test method"

The operation of the blood vessel self-test method is very simple.

Stretch out your wrist under natural light and observe the color of blood vessels at and below the wrist about 5cm.

If the blood vessel is blue or purple, it is cold skin;

If the blood vessel is blue or olive green, it is warm skin;

Both blue and green, the distribution is relatively even, it is neutral skin!

02 "Gold and Silver Jewelry Comparison Method"

Wearing silver jewelry looks better, it's a cool color. Wearing gold jewelry is more attractive, it is a warm color. Both are good-looking, but they are neutral tones.

03 "Facial Makeup Method"

Another common method is the facial makeup method, which I think is the best and more accurate test method.

When you usually apply eye shadow and lipstick, if you can control the death Barbie pink lipstick and blue-purple eye shadow, then it is basically OK. Judging that you are cold toning your skin;
If you apply blue eyeshadow, your eyes will look dirty. On the contrary, orange lipstick, eye shadow and blush will complement you. You are a proper warm skin.
Both are suitable, so congratulations, you just the lucky neutral tone.

Best Makeup For Fair Skin

Is your skin of a light, alabaster hue?

If so, you will look best in soft pink, tawny and beige. Be sure to stay away from frosty finishes and reddish-orange colors as they tend to make your skin look washed out.

Make up For Medium Skin

If you’re too dark to be fair or light but your skin does not fall into the olive category, you are considered to have a medium tone.

Use the undertone tests that we have described above to determine whether you are cool, warm or neutral. Once you are armed with that information, you can choose a compatible foundation with ease. Also use your undertones to pick the best blush.

Cool undertones call for a rosy color, while warm ones demand apricot or peach. For your eyes, bronze or honey might be just the thing.

Medium tone lips can carry off virtually any color, but you should still remember your undertones. Cool look best with pink and warm with a beige-nude hue.

Colors That Complement Tan Skin

If your skin is infused with that sunny glow, you do not need to weigh your look down with a great deal of oppressive makeup. Instead, allow your already present glow to shine through.

For many people with tan skin tones, a bit of bronzer can even out and warm the look. Tangerine colors are often flattering as well.

Your look can further be enhanced with a bright lipstick that will nicely show off the beautiful glow of your sun-kissed skin. Just be sure not to choose hues that are too orange.

The Best Make up Colors for Deep and Dark Skin Tones

For women of color with dark skin tones, the challenge can be even more difficult. The sad reality is that there are fewer choices on the market, even today.

Women with darker skin also tend to have a more uneven skin tone that is lighter in the center of the face and darker under the cheekbones and around the hairline. You can combat this by using makeup of two different colors, one that matches your skin tone and another that is just a little bit darker.

Of course, these are only suggestions.

In the end, you will be the best judge of what you like on your own face. If it seems right, complements your eyes, cheeks and lips and makes you feel like the star you are, you can rest assured that you have made the perfect makeup choice.

Well, it is ok, and we hope it is useful for you.


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