KaSi Special Steel Cuticle Pusher Dead Skin Remover T3299

Brand: KaSi
Quantity: 1 Pc
Small Steel Cuticle Pusher
Big Steel Cuticle Pusher
Dead Skin Fork
Triangle Cuticle Peeler and Scraper Tool (knife type)
Triangle Cuticle Peeler and Scraper Tool (fork type)

- Easily push away excess dead skin, very convenient.
- After many tests, the size is reasonable, fits the nail surface, easy to remove gel polish, and quick to remove.
- Remove the dirt on the nail surface, correct dead skin, and leave no dead ends.
- Strictly selected special steel, washable, brighten after wiping, and durable.
- One-piece molding, non-slip design, easy to hold, comfortable grip.

How To Use To Remove Dear Skin:
1 Softens dead skin
Apply an appropriate amount of softener around the nail and massage for 1-2 minutes to relieve pain.
2 Push away dead skin
Use a flat pusher to push the dead skin from the root of the nail to the back edge of the nail.
3 Finish to remove dead skin

The Story of KaSi Brand
KaSi, professional salon nail art brand, was established in 2012.
Professional focus on gel polish, cat eye gel polish, functional gel polish, as well as nail decorations and nai art tools.
KaSi is committed to creating high-quality nail products that pursue pure colors, super pigmented, and healthy and environmentally friendly.
KaSi, a habit of nail art.💐