KellyKessa 15ml Professional Top Coat & Base Coat T3510

Brand: KellyKessa
Quantity: 1 bottle.
Net Weight: 15ml/ 0.53 fl oz.
#High Transparency Diamond Top Coat
Stable and excellent, lasting luster for 45 days.
Reflects the long-lasting and translucent luster like diamonds, is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and has high toughness and is not easy to crack.
Increase the stability of the nail surface and maintain the gloss of the color gel.

#Peel Off Base Coat
Mirror gloss, sticky like glue, anti-shedding reinforcement.
Strengthen the adhesiveness of the gel polish and the nail tip, make the gel polish last longer, and protect the nail surface.

#Rubber Base Coat
There is no need to polish the nail surface, and it will not hurt the real nail.
Apply directly, with strong adhesion and better bonding with the nail surface.

#No-wash Top Coat
Shiny, translucent and thin, it can stay translucent for a long time.
Effectively protect the surface of gel polish, wear-resistant and not easy to scratch.

#Scrubbing Top Coat
Remove floating glue, healthy and environmentally friendly, shines with diamond luster, and lasts for color fixation.

#Tempered Top Coat
High brightness, high hardness, anti-scratch and anti-wear.
The texture is thick, like a mobile phone tempered film, which can effectively prevent scratches on the nail surface.

#Black Gold Top Coat
Anti-scratch, high permeability and tough, lasting for 50 days.
Solid color, high gloss, anti-scratch three-in-one.
The texture of the glue is as clear as a mirror surface, with a long-lasting luster, which can effectively prevent the nail surface from being scratched.

#Crystal Top Coat
Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, crystal clear and long-lasting as new.
The nano-plated crystal does not turn yellow or crack, and is durable and firm in waterproof and anti-fouling.

#Super Bright Diamond Top Coat
Long-lasting high brightness, innovative encryption technology, and a crystal-coated film formed on the surface after lighting.
The shield achieves a super bright anti-fouling effect.

#Ice Crystal Top Coat
Crystal clear, ultra-smooth, stain and scratch resistant.
The surface of the paint film is flawless, 100% restores the surface of piano lacquer, smooth as silk, more transparent, brighter and more wear-resistant than ordinary top coat, effectively prevents the nail surface from being scratched, and has the function of antifouling and oil resistance, making the nail surface Brightness stays longer.

#Matte Top Coat
Velvet matte effect, clear texture, more firm without scrubbing, matte temperament endows fingertips with noble and elegant temperament.

#Anti-warping Gel
Anti-warping and anti-shedding, increase adhesion, and remove excess oil and moisture on the nail surface.
Dry nail surface, prevent peeling and warping, increase durability.

#Reinforce Gel
Professionally deal with soft and thin nails, increase the thickness and hardness of the nail surface.
Solve the problem of thin and soft nails, prevent the nail surface from breaking and cracking.

#Nail Adhesive Gel
Professionally used for sticking nails, healthy, tasteless, non-whitening, no air bubbles and no damage to nails, you can move the position of the nails at will.
Thin and non-marking, long-lasting and firm.

#5-In-1 Functional Gel
It can be used as base coat, caulking gel, transfer printing glel, reinforce gel, patch glue.

#Gelatin Firm Gel
Higher adhesion, increased nail surface thickness.
The upgraded version of Reinforce Gel solves the problem of thin and soft nails, prevent breaking or cracking.
Compared with Reinforce Gel, the adhesion is higher, it can be used to fill the nail surface, and can stick any small accessories, which is a qualitative leap compared to Reinforce Gel.

#Armor Practice Gel
Naturally air-dried, convenient for real nail practice, very suitable for novices.
It can be peeled off in one piece without hurting the real nail, making it a popular product for frequent manicure practice.

Acrylic Copolymer, Ethyl Methacrylate, Benzophenone, Silica, CI 74160, Dimethicone.

Note: The main ingredients of each bottle of nail polish are similar, with slight differences in pigment ingredients.

KellyKessa interprets fingertip art aesthetics with rich colors.
It makes your life so beautiful.

Why You Choose KellyKessa Top Coat & Base Coat UV Gel?
1 Innovate nano-refining technology, refine scientific and technological ingredients, and make every effort to create a breathing gel nail polish.
2 Select superior DuPont brushes, which are soft and resilient, without split ends, making nail painting as comfortable as a ballet.
3 The texture is viscous, will not shrink, and gel nails can last for more than 45 days.
4 Natural plant extracts, without any peculiar smell, more stable to protect your nails and beauty.
5 The bottle body with ceramic texture and the gorgeous laser appearance make your manicure extremely pleasant.

Warm tips:
1. Using with UV or LED light
2. Base and top coat are necessary.
3. The gel nail remover is needed when you remove it
4. Keep away from the children
5. Avoid sun exposure

The Story of KellyKessa Brand
KellyKessa, established in 2016, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of gel polish and nail tools.

Get inspiration from the fashion runway, cooperate with global brand suppliers, create each product with heart, combine international cutting-edge makeup trends, provide consumers with rich and professional nai art products, and bring more beauty and happiness to people's lives .

With "UNLIMITED BEAUTY" as the brand proposition, it advocates that the younger generation should not be bound by external labels, but strive to break through themselves, actively explore more possibilities in life, and meet a better self.

KellyKessa, love what I love.💅💯