KellyKessa 6g Chasing Light Cat Eye Gel Polish T4062

Brand: KellyKessa
Quantity: 1 bottle.
Net weight: 6g
SN171 Colorful Dress Under Moon
SN172 Memories of Foggy City
SN173 Dream Garden
SN174 Camellia
SN175 Gilded Dead Wood
SN176 Amber Gobi
SN177 Bamboo Forest & Poolside
SN178 Dusk Beach
SN179 Stars Reflected in Sea
SN181 Dorota
SN182 Gemini
SN183 Lemon Ice Extract
SN184 Mint Liqueur
SN185 Blue Lagoon

Acrylic Copolymer, Ethyl Methacrylate, Benzophenone, Silica, CI 74160, Dimethicone.

14 Zero-Additives
Dibutyl Phthalate free
Formaldehyde free 
Toluene free 
Camphor free 
Formaldehyde Resin free 
Xylene free 
Paraben free 
Heavy Metals (Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium) free 
Phthalates free 
Fragrances free 
Dioxane free 
Triphenyl Phosphate free 
Formaldehyde free 
Acetotoluene Sulfonamide free 

See the light, follow the light,
Become the light, radiate the light.
Even if the stars are broken, the overflowing light is also beautiful.
All the beauty is hidden in the cracks of time, making life a place where light comes in.

KellyKessa interprets fingertip art aesthetics with rich colors.
It makes your life so beautiful.

Why You Choose KellyKessa Chasing Light Cat Eye UV Gel?
1 It has a chasing light cat eye effect with higher density magnet powder. After the desired pattern is sucked out with a magnet stick, the nails are like a super bright galaxy, colorful, and so fantasy.
2 Innovate nano-refining technology, refine scientific and technological ingredients, and make every effort to create a breathing gel nail polish.
3 The texture is viscous, will not shrink, and gel nails can last for more than 45 days.
4 Natural plant extracts, without any peculiar smell, more stable to protect your nails and beauty.
5 Comes with special magnet stick.

Warm tips:
1. Using with UV or LED light
2. Base and top coat are necessary.
3. The gel nail remover is needed when you remove it
4. Keep away from the children
5. Avoid sun exposure

The Story of KellyKessa Brand
KellyKessa, established in 2016, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of gel polish and nail tools.

Get inspiration from the fashion runway, cooperate with global brand suppliers, create each product with heart, combine international cutting-edge makeup trends, provide consumers with rich and professional nai art products, and bring more beauty and happiness to people's lives .

With "UNLIMITED BEAUTY" as the brand proposition, it advocates that the younger generation should not be bound by external labels, but strive to break through themselves, actively explore more possibilities in life, and meet a better self.

KellyKessa, love what I love.💅💯