TIMAGE Professional Stippling Blush Brush T3332

Quantity: 1 Stippling Blush Brush
Style Number: #203

The core of makeup is delicacy and accuracy,
Softer bristles are not necessarily better,
Instead, balance softness and elasticity.
Use different makeup brushes for partitions,
More accurate and effective,
Willing to bring you the ideal delicate makeup.

- The bristles have a sense of layering, and can be easily blended in a fixed point to create a gradient blush makeup.
- Slender male wool + bionic fiber hair, strong powder grip and even release.
- 2.5cm arc length, precise positioning, convenient for gradient blending.
- The sleek triangular design conforms to ergonomics. Made of microfiber material, light and easy to hold.

The Story of TIMAGE Brand
TIMAGE was born in 2014. The founder is Tang Yi, a Chinese celebrity makeup artist with 20 years of makeup experience. He created the original blank makeup technique, showing the smart beauty of women with simple and not simple makeup.
Brand Concept:
TIMAGE takes "ingenuity and customization into simple makeup people" as the brand concept, to create practical and artistic makeup products, to help each woman start from her own characteristics, explore her own makeup look, and bloom her own unique beauty.