Wasjoye Kathryn Vintage European Princess Handmade Jewelry Box T3229

Brand: Wasjoye
Quantity: 1 Pc
Net weight: 300g
Size: The total height is 10cm, the total width is 6.5cm, the bud diameter is 5cm, and the height is 4.5cm. The maximum diameter of the opening of the jewelry box is about 3.3cm, and the depth is 2.5cm. After closing the lid, the height of the inner compartment can reach 3.6cm.
Material: Zinc alloy, colored tin hand-painted.
Production Process: metal grinding, metal engraving, mosaic,hand-painted.

The unique petal shape, supported by three-dimensional green leaves, is noble and elegant, making every opening you have a sense of ritual. The craftsmanship is very exquisite, just like a work of art.
The whole body of the jewelry box is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and the surface is hand-painted with colored tin, which will not fade or rust, and can keep the luster as new for a long time.
In addition to putting some precious jewelry, the jewelry box can also put in precious items and present it to important people as an item with a symbolic personality.

The Story of Wasjoye Brand
Wasjoye is a brand specializing in handmade exquisite jewelry, retro style, palace style, and its products are famous for heavy work and fine carving.
Jewelry boxes and makeup mirrors are loved by women who love life and pursue exquisite and tasteful life.
Wasjoye, open a journey of mystical life.😘