Wasjoye Luxurious European Princess Handmade Jewelry Box T3234

Brand: Wasjoye
Quantity: 1 Pc
Net weight: 830g
Size: 12cm long, 15cm high and 19.5cm wide.
Material: Zinc alloy, Colored tin glue
Production Process: metal grinding, hand polishing, manual drawing.
Style: Holy Light White; True Love Red; Noble Blye; Valley Green.

- The main material of this three-layer luxury jewelry box is high-quality zinc alloy, which will not fade or rust, and can be kept as new for a long time.
- The color part is hand-painted, using four classic colors, presenting a sense of luxury and retro as a whole.
- The inner three-layer structure is more practical for storage, especially suitable for home decoration and gift giving.
- Each jewelry box is equipped with a vintage lock, how to open the lock:
1. Insert the key into the lock hole; 2. Push out the lock buckle directly in without turning, and that's it.

The Story of Wasjoye Brand
Wasjoye is a brand specializing in handmade exquisite jewelry, retro style, palace style, and its products are famous for heavy work and fine carving.
Jewelry boxes and makeup mirrors are loved by women who love life and pursue exquisite and tasteful life.
Wasjoye, open a journey of mystical life.😘