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PINK BEAR is a cute girl-style makeup brand established in 2021. It provides cost-effective makeup products that are good-looking, easy to use, and fun, and explore more possibilities for beauty with girls.
In the eyes of PINK BEAR, pink is the superpower that directly touches beauty, is the girl's heart that will never be lost, and is the easiest way to return to happiness. 🤩
On the road of growth, PINK BEAR is willing to accompany girls and bring a little beauty every day.
PINK BEAR has three major series: PINK-Dream, PINK-Fun, and PINK-Cool.
Here, you can be a dreamy sweetheart who likes to capture the beauty of everyday life, a ghostly spirit with fantastic ideas, or a cool girl with an attitude who dares to keep trying.
PINK BEAR encourages every girl to become a happier version of herself.💗