COLORKEY x POKÈMON, Has It Captured Your Heart?

The brand founder of COLORKEY is a loyal POKÈMON fan, so it took 9 months to plan and discuss brand cooperation with POKÈMON, and it took 18 months to launch the makeup products of POKÈMON series.

As soon as launched, it was loved by countless POKÈMON lovers. I am one of them.

I want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you very much!

COLORKEY x POKÈMON Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is so hot!

The three-dimensional Pikachu with the baby ball pattern is tempting at a glance! There is a mirror inside the box, and it is also decorated with lightning patterns and 9 color eye shadows.

It is embossed with Pikachu, heart and baby balls.
Every detail is full of exquisiteness.

In addition, there are three shades to choose, each with 5 different eyeshadow textures, including matte, matte fine shimmer, satin pearlescent, flash and light-sensitive fritillary.
The powder is more delicate and smooth, easy to smudge and has good extension, not only high practicality, but also easy to create all kinds of makeup.
In fact, I really want to buy all three palettes!

COLORKEY x POKÈMON Mirror & Matte Lip Glaze 

This air lip glaze has specially launched two packages.
The black color is sweet and cool mirror texture. There are a total of 8 color options. The dazzling mirror light makes your lips look very supple, especially for summer.

The new color "R734" is recommended. The red lyre color with the icy feeling is a must-have lip color all year round! There is also a popular color R702, which is a beautiful reddish brown!

The golden color is a light mist velvet texture, which not only has good color retention and saturation, but also moisturizes well and doesn't dry out at all.

A total of 9 colors have been launched, and the new color "P200" is especially recommended. It is a brownish tone, and must-have for cool girls!
"R608" is the most popular caramel reddish brown, suitable for all skin tones.

COLORKEY x POKÈMON Matte & Mirror Lip Glaze Gift Box

There are also 2 sets of lip glaze gift boxes, containing all the popular colors, and the lip glaze shells also put characters such as Jenny Turtle, Da Duck and Fat Ding, which are really cute~

Among them, the "Electric Shock Gift Box" has 6 lip glazes with a light misty velvet texture; the "Quick Charge Gift Box" has 6 lip glazes with a sweet and cool mirror texture. If you want to collect the popular colors, it is the most cost-effective to buy a gift box! ! !

COLORKEY x POKÈMON Oil Control Foundation Pressed Powder

Don't miss out on this powder!
The shell is made of black matte material, printed with hand-painted patterns, put on a three-dimensional Pikachu, and the powder cake is also printed with Pikachu embossing, which is really cute~

The main point is fine powder, soft coke oil absorption and color lock without dullness.
The key point is that it can be used in both wet and dry.
It is no problem when used as foundation or setting makeup.

I admit, POKÈMON reminds me of my childhood, my carefree childhood, how about you?

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