How to Do A Good Lip Care in The Winter?

Winter is a very dry season. Our skin is very easy to peel, especially our lips. It is very prone to chapped and peeling conditions. This seriously affects our appearance and also affects our lives. Therefore, we should pay attention to caring for our lips in winter. So how to a good lip care in winter?

lip care

4 Tips to Take Care Our Lips

Tip 1. Carry lip balm with you

To prevent dryness, peeling and lip wrinkles on the lips, you must carry a lip balm, especially a lip balm containing vitamin E, which can moisturize and prevent the lips from peeling. When choosing a lip balm, you should pay attention to choosing a lip balm that has a longer moisturizing effect and is not easy to decolorize and does little damage to the lips.

Tip 2. If the lips are very dry and peeling, special care should be taken for the lips

First wipe the lips with a damp towel, then dry the moisture, and then apply a lip balm containing calendula, chamomile extract, beeswax, aloe vera, tea tree oil and other ingredients. After a week of continuous care, the lips can be restored to moisture.

Tip 3. Rescue the "critical" lips

There is a simple, effective and cheap method. Cover the lips with a cup poured in boiling water for a while, let the water vapor fully soak the chapped lips, and then apply sesame oil to lock the moisture. Significant improvement in a few days.

Tip 4. If the lips have dander

Don't tear it hard with your hands, apply it with a hot towel for a while, wait until the skin softens before applying lip balm to protect it.

I believe you have mastered the method of lip care. Even if there are no problems such as dry lips, pay attention to care. In autumn and winter, you should follow the above methods for lip care.


It changes its color with temperature; lip color changes with the body temperature and PH value, showing thousands of lasting colors, nourishing and moisturizing.

So 1 stick lip balm is enough for you, and create a unique lip color for you.

Ok, stop here, I hope I can help you.

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