New Chinese Makeup Aesthetics - Girlcult Garden Dream Series🦐💥

Girlcult is not the same brand as I wrote before, not expensive enough. But they have one thing in common, which is extremely interesting. Girlcult has a compasses-shaped eyeliner + eyebrow pencil in one, a must-have for business travelers, and it’s so ingenious!💐✨

Girlcult latest Garden Dream series follows the new Chinese aesthetic style of makeup, which is my favorite type.

Garden Dream Series is inspired by Kunqu Opera "The Peony Pavilion",
The play describes the official daughter Du Liniang falling in love with Liu Mengmei, a scholar in her dream. She died of injury and turned into a soul to find her lover in reality.
The story of finally being united with Liu Mengmei forever.
The play is elegant in diction and beautiful in language, and is one of the outstanding works in the history of Chinese opera.

"The Peony Pavilion" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" have similar approaches but the same results. Tradition is fused with modern culture, and finally interpreted into the ultimate stage fantasy.

The colors are also interesting, they are quite exaggerated at first glance, but the weirdest color is like Du Liniang's dream, it will always scratch your heart and force you to keep fantasizing.

But if you look carefully, it is daily everyday. Applying 1 color of 4-color eyeshadow is graceful, applying 2 colors has a sense of future technology, applying 3 colors has a kind of splendor of Song brocade, and applying 4 colors is fun Makeup and the taste of drama.

The powder of the eyeshadow is smooth, with superior texture, and excellent price, and it is fun to just look at it.

After watching Chinese makeup for so many years, I finally found some fun and surprises on girlcult. In fact, the new Chinese style should be like this. The national style aesthetics is far more than "carved railings and jade brickwork should still be there", but should be "integrated", "sporty", and "characteristics of the times".

Combining oriental and western styles, the aesthetic feeling is self-contained:
In the Albrahan Palace in Spain, there is a hexagonal dome with Moorish characteristics. In the algae well of the Yongle Palace in Yuncheng, Shanxi, there are equally magnificent hexagonal bucket arches. Both were built in the 13th century, and the three civilizations of the East and the West echo each other. In the Yungang Grottoes, there are also traces of Islam and Christianity.

Break through the path and start to do it:
Against the backdrop of religious cleanups, Greek monks built the "Meteora Monastery" on a giant stone like a pillar of heaven - the monks relied on ropes and iron nails to climb only for practice. The Hanging Temple in Datong, Shanxi is a temple on a cliff. The history is even longer, it was there 1500 years ago.

Beauty is a spirit that can be strong enough to whitewash the times.

So the Girlcult brand is working hard. I have seen all the series of his family from the early days to the present in the Girlcult office. They all have a feeling of "standing at the forefront of the times", whether it is the 18-19 Pitaojun/Chibi Maruko series ( Those years were the big years of IP in the consumer market) to the echo of Chinese and African stone carvings in the aesthetic series, and then to the "self-built IP" of SCI-FI MYTHOLOGY Series.
From packaging materials to contents, it is "half a year" ahead of time. You can say "Oriental aesthetics", you can also say "very avant-garde".

But it can't be denied that it's interesting.🐙

The disadvantage is that the price is cheap. But young man, it is a blessing to suffer more!💥

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