Right Way To Match Lipstick And Eye Shadow

I believe that many girls will be unable to control all the lipstick colors, but eye shadow is the second disaster area.

Especially for beautiful women, when they see beautiful eye shadow, they will choose to buy it regardless of whether the color suits them.

If you apply lipstick and eye shadow at the same time, do you think your makeup looks like an actor's makeup on stage?

If you have experienced improper color matching, then you must know that lipstick and eye shadow can not be messed up!

Let me introduce you to several royal ways of collocation!

1 Bean paste lipstick & earth color eyeshadow 

The bean paste-colored lipsticks are more low-key and more similar to the earth-colored eye shadows. They are not very bright. The combination of the two is also more suitable.

The earth color and the bean paste color are all versatile colors. If you want a little texture, you can choose a richer eye shadow.


2 Positive Red Lipstick & Earth Color Eyeshadow   

The red mouth is more eye-catching and often gives a sexy feeling. The earth-colored eyeshadow is relatively low-key, and the two will not conflict with each other. If you want to be sexy, you can match it with pearlescent earth-colored eyeshadow.

3 Orange lipstick & pumpkin eye shadow   

Normal orange matte lipsticks are not very bright, not too eye-catching, and the ability to show color is also weaker. Therefore, the choice of eye shadow is lighter than lipstick, so it is the most safe choice for eyeshadow to use a color similar to lipstick, such as the popular pumpkin color.

4 Rose Lipstick & Pink Eyeshadow

The rose lipstick is brighter, the pink and rose eyeshadows are of the same color, and the two colors are more harmonious, but compared to the rose red eyeshadow, the pink will be lighter and will not show swelling. Rose red is originally a very eye-catching color, light eyeshadow will not grab the focus, it looks more harmonious.

Maybe you can have a try :-)))))))

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