COLORKEY Colored Eggs Moist Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Mud T2933

Quantity: 1 Stick
Net Weight: 2g/Stick
P101 Drunk Pink Lychee
Nude toned pink lye, universal base color
P102 Three Degree Pink Peach
Warm peach pink for fair skin
P103 Cabernet Smoky Pink
Smokey pink bean paste color, suitable for fair skin
O104 Sun Night Milk Tea
Cinnamon milk tea color, suitable for nude makeup
O105 Five Degree Tea Apricot
Tangerine tea apricot color, perfect for layering
O106 Sunset Red Tea
Orange brown black tea color, suitable for any skin tone
R107 Twilight Rose
A pinkish-brown rose shade that suits any skin tone
608 Ten Degree Reddish Brown
Warm reddish-brown to suit any skin tone
R109 Sunset Blueberry
Blues berry red for olive skin

COLORKEY Matte Lip Mud:
- Velvet matte texture, smooth like mud
- Delicate mousse lip mud, rich color, dense but not dry
- 100% plant extract essence
- Repairing & nourishing, silky & moisturizing, create excellent matte lips finish
- Sunset warmth tone, meet your all needs
- Microbow 10° fleece lip brush, makes application of lip mud easier and even

"Up V Down C" lip makeup tips:
1 First draw a V on the upper lip peak
2 Draw another C on the lower lip
3 Use your fingertips to smudge the upper lip
4 Use your fingertips to smudge the lower lip

The Story of COLORKEY Brand
Colorkey, a cosmetics brand born in Asia, explores the forefront of the world's cosmetics trends, and creates cool cosmetics products with "innovative technology, assured quality, and individual design" to show their individuality with the new generation.
Integrate the global high-quality supplier COSMAX (top ten in the world), gather experts in various fields such as makeup, fashion, design, quality control, etc., to create reliable quality makeup products for young women.

Target population:
The maverick, adventurous and daring cool girls are mainly young girls born in 1995, such as street hipsters, tattoo masters, street dancers, skateboarders, and designers.

Beauty products include categories such as face, eyes, lips, makeup removers, beauty tools and perfumes.

COLOR TEST For COLORKEY Colored Eggs Matte Lip Mud