PROYA Double-anti Elastic Brightening Youth Activating Eye Cream (2.0) T2160

Brand: PROYA
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net weight: 0.71 fl oz/20ml
Main ingredients:
99% high purity carnosine
Rovisome complex caffeine
6% Meiview Bacillus extract
glaucous glasswort extractive fermentation

PROYA Youth Activating Eye Cream is specifically aimed at solving the three major eye problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fine lines.

• 6% Meiview Bacillus extract — eliminates three types of dark circles, improves dullness and brightens the eye area;

• Rovisome compound caffeine — improves microcirculation around the eyes, soothes repairs, and relieves eye swelling;

• Continuation of Proya's latest research and technology "double-anti" formula-anti-oxidant and anti-sugar, effectively improve various eye skin problems and reduce eye wrinkles.

With Moist-MicroPatch technology, a 3D invisible moisturizing net is formed around the eyes, with a light and moisturizing texture, which is quickly absorbed.
Let you keep your young and energetic eyes and rejuvenate.

So far, the eye cream is the No. 1 sales in Asia

How to use:
1. Take an appropriate amount of eye cream with the fingertips of your ring finger, and click on the upper and lower eyelids
2. Make a circular motion from the inside to the outside and apply evenly
3. Gently press and massage around the eyes until fully absorbed

The Story of PROYA Brand
Proya is China's most internationally leading skin care brand. The brand was founded in 2003. It has been devoted to exploring new skin technology, strictly selecting high-quality raw materials, and constantly innovating and discovering scientific and technological skin care technology to provide all consumers with scientific, safe, and quick-acting skin solutions.
Proya is affiliated to Proya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 2003, it has been adhering to the core strength of young and cutting-edge technology as the brand's core strength, and has become one of the brands that adapts to the changes of the times and quickly penetrates and affects young consumers.