8 Disfiguring Skin Care Mistakes, Are You Doing It?

Skin care is something we do every day, but did you know that you might be doing it wrong? If we know today, we can prevent wrong skin care from happening again🙅

1 Wash Face
It is enough to use the facial cleanser twice in the morning and evening. If it is used more than twice, the necessary oil and moisture will be washed away, and the skin will become dry and astringent.

2 Apply Facial Mask
After washing your face, your skin is actually dehydrated and has an inflammatory reaction. Applying a face mask directly is equivalent to increasing the chance of acne.

After washing your face, it is really not possible to apply face mask immediately, and it can be applied after about 5-8 minutes.

3 Only Use Toner
After washing your face, only use toner instead of lotion to lock in water. This will make the moisture in your skin evaporate easily and make your skin more oily.

4 Sun Defense
Ultraviolet rays are a major cause of skin aging, so sun protection is required throughout the year.

UV parasols, sun hats, and sunscreen. If you mind chemical agents, you can choose purely physical sunscreen.

5 Facial Mask Time
The time to apply face mask should not exceed 20 minutes, 15 minutes is enough. Exceeding the time will make the skin drier and absorb the moisture on your face.

6 Absorb Grease Frequently With Oil-absorbing Paper
It is not recommended to use oil-absorbing paper frequently. A small amount of oil on your skin surface has a protective effect. Excessive oil-absorbing will easily damage your skin surface barrier.

It is recommended to use it twice a day, after lunch and at 5-6 pm.

7 Excessive Exfoliation
Excessive exfoliation will make your skin thinner and thinner, weaken the ability of your skin's natural protective film, and increase the formation of sensitive skin.

Recommended Exfoliation Cycle:
Oily skin 1-2 times a week
Dry skin once every 10 days
Normal skin once every 15 days
Combination skin: T zone 1-2 times a week, U zone once every 10 days
Sensitive skin once every 28 days

8 Thick Face Cream
Too much moisturizing night face cream will cause the pores of your skin to fail to open during sleep, and your skin with poor breathing will naturally not be able to metabolize normally, but will be drier.

Add that summer still needs to streamline skin care, refreshing, simple, let the skin "lose weight", but hydration is also the top priority in summer.

Basic refreshing mask, 1-3 times a week, the skin will be moisturized.💡

There are no shortcuts to skin care, don't be lazy! !🥰

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