6 Useful Tips For Skincare And Makeup In Winter

In winter, our face is particularly prone to dryness and even dander.

After using the foundation, it didn’t take long for me to feel floating powder and stuck lines.

Anyway, many skin care products and cosmetics suitable for spring and summer have become less comfortable.

At this time, we not only need to replace these cosmetics, but also need to get 6 beauty tips for skin care in winter.

Tip 1: For dry face, add face cream after lotion

Generally, in winter, the temperature is not only low, the water molecules in the air will also be greatly reduced, and the skin cannot get moisture from the outside, so the face will appear dry and rough.

For oily skin, you can choose a more moisturizing lotion. You can add a moisturizing cream after the lotion.

For dry skin, pay attention to the time between the items. Wait about 30 seconds after using up the lotion before using the cream. The skin will absorb it better.

Tip 2: The foundation is relatively dry, you can drop a few drops of serum

If the skin has been well moisturized, but after applying the foundation, the face still feels dry. You don't need to change the foundation, you can put a few drops of serum into the foundation, dip it evenly with a sponge egg, and then press it evenly on the face.

Tip 3: Pressed powder can be used to set makeup after being wet

If you want a long-lasting makeup look, you can’t do without setting powder, but the setting powder itself is a relatively dry powder and will absorb the moisture in the base makeup.

Therefore, although you need to set makeup in winter, loose powder can be temporarily disabled.

For dry skin, You can say goodbye to the makeup powder. You can consider using wet and dry powder. After slightly moistening the sponge egg, take the powder and press on your face to set the makeup.

Tip 4: Choose a warm color for eyeshadow 

In winter, the trees are withered and the colors of the clothes are mostly gray, black and white. Everything seems very dull. We need warm color makeup to increase vitality. Eyeshadow is one of them. You can try warm brown, orange and other warm color eye shadows.

At the same time, in order to avoid the eye puffiness caused by warm colors, you can add dark eye shadows at the end of the eye or the upper end of the upper eyelid.

Tip 5: Choose red or dark lipstick

In winter, we need to use red or dark lipstick to embellish the color. Some light pink, light bean paste and other colors can be put away in winter. Because of the cold winter, our skin is prone to dullness, and darker lipstick can brighten up our skin tone.

Tip 6: Don't forget sun protection in winter

Even if the sun is not strong in winter, it is often cloudy, but ultraviolet rays are still everywhere. And the barrier cream can isolate the follow-up base makeup and make-up, and protect the skin.
Of course, many sunscreens now have the effect of brightening and modifying skin tone. If your skin is in good condition, you can use the sunscreen without foundation and apply makeup directly.

Winter skin care and makeup are completely different from summer. The two most important points are actually moisturizing and brightening.

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