Five Mistakes for Men's Skin Sare

Mistake one: Just use soap every day.

Soap is not the best choice for cleansing, because regular use of soap will affect the pH of the skin. When the skin feels dry or tight, the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil, making the face oily even worse.

Mistake two : Acne can die on its own or can be squeezed out by hand.

Acne is caused by dust and dead skin entering the pores so that sebum cannot be discharged normally, resulting in skin infection with bacteria. If the acne is squeezed by hand or ignored, it will make the acne hide deeper and deeper, and even leave uneven scars. Therefore, the use of facial cleansing scrub for basic care can not be ignored.

Mistake three : Diet and daily life have nothing to do with beauty.

If you do not have good eating habits, often eat greasy, spicy, irritating food, and have the habit of smoking, then your face must look unhealthy and lack luster. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good eating habits, eat light food and fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and smoke less to effectively improve the skin.

Mistake four: Skin care products used by women can also be applied to men.

There are obvious differences between men and women in terms of anatomy and physiological function. Most men's skin tends to be oily and lacks water. Most women's skin care products are moisturizing, so most women's products are not suitable for men. Men should choose special skin care products that are relatively refreshing. There are already many brands in the world that have men's skin care products. Choose some brands designed specifically for men.

Mistake five: Sun protection is only a topic that women care about.

Sun protection does not mean being afraid of getting tanned. Sunscreen is to prevent or reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Everyone has a different tolerance to ultraviolet rays, depending on the cumulative amount of sunshine to a certain limit, it will cause harm. Therefore, sun protection is not divided between men and women, it should be everyone's concern.

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