Business Strategy

Take user needs as a priority: We have always placed great importance on meeting the needs of our users, striving to exceed them by 500%. Our website is founded on understanding user needs and remains committed to fulfilling them.

Believe in the power of focus: Whether it’s product development or marketing strategies, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of focus. We concentrate on providing cost-effective products that cater to women seeking a fulfilling life without compromising on quality.

Oppose consumerism in marketing: Our dedicated review team ensures that before any product is launched on our website, it undergoes thorough testing. We prioritize aligning the brand positioning and product quality with our website’s standards. We guarantee that every penny users spend on our website is worthwhile.

Founder/Owner Stories and Their Motivation to Start a Business

I am a rural girl, born in a mountainous area. The prejudiced thoughts of patriarchy have made me grow up in poverty, being bullied, looked down upon, betrayed, frustrated, and physically hit. Looking back, these experiences have shaped my firm character. My reluctance to admit defeat and my courage to break free from traditional dogmas countless times have allowed me to reap numerous rewards and gifts. It has also made me braver and more resolute to continue moving forward.

In the eyes of those around me, I have always been seen as both a legend and a joke, but these perceptions are not important. I have never believed that I would settle for an ordinary job and lead an ordinary life.

I enjoy thinking and have a knack for making choices. I embrace challenges and actively seize every opportunity to improve myself.

A moment at work changed my life. An American Chinese woman wrote in a product message: “Thank you for creating such high-quality cosmetics. I am proud of our motherland and compatriots, but it’s a pity that we can only buy a small portion of Chinese cosmetics.”

Inspired by this, we founded LookHealthyStore.

I vividly remember the day when I finished my run, feeling great. I have always enjoyed exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The word “Healthy” is my favorite, so I registered LookHealthyStore.com.

Subsequently, I quit my job and devoted myself to website construction, product selection, and marketing without any distractions. I worked tirelessly for three years without real rest. Even when I wasn’t in the office, my mind was still engaged.

I have also experienced confusion, struggles, and moments of contemplating giving up, especially when I had to pause and rest due to exhaustion and physical issues. During such times, I would question myself: “Is it worth it?” The worst part was watching my bank account balance decrease steadily, while the pressures of my career and family weighed heavily on me.

It was around this time that I came across an inspiring story about Elon Musk, which gave me strength:

During Elon Musk’s work on the SpaceX project, he faced several failures. The last time, there was only $100 million in his account, barely enough to launch a rocket. Most people would have chosen not to proceed, but Elon Musk decided to go ahead, and it worked. Due to his previous failures, the probability of success this time was greatly increased.

Motivated by this, I chose to keep pushing forward. With unwavering perseverance over the past six months, the website’s operational data has significantly improved, and I have begun to make profits. I understand that the efforts made previously require time to be converted into value—a simple truth akin to spring plowing and autumn harvest. The past experiences and accumulation were not in vain and will gradually yield returns to me—tenfold, hundredfold, thousandfold, or even ten thousandfold—in the future.

Now, my greatest regret is having spent too little time with my daughter over the past three years. She has grown from 7 to 10 years old, and I have missed out on these precious years.

However, I don’t regret it, because I know that what I will provide for her in the future will far surpass what I have sacrificed.

One cannot be too greedy; gains must be balanced with losses.

Business/Market Challenges

Creating a new system in the global cosmetics industry poses significant challenges.

How can we address customer trust issues?

As our website develops, we are witnessing a gradual increase in the number of European and American users, in addition to overseas Chinese customers, who purchase our Chinese cosmetics. These users have several questions: Do your Chinese cosmetics undergo animal testing? Do they contain harmful substances? Are there any allergic ingredients in your products?

To tackle these concerns, we diligently list all product ingredients and make them readily available on the product page for easy reference and selection.

How can we avoid engaging in price wars with competitors?

Over the past year, numerous competitors have entered the Chinese cosmetics market, resulting in intense price wars. To steer clear of such conflicts, we adopt a more selective approach in product choices. We dare to challenge products that our competitors may shy away from, opting for more innovative offerings. By expediting our online presence and minimizing competition, we strive to differentiate ourselves.

Simultaneously, we devote additional effort to delve into the supply chain, identifying the core value it provides. This allows us to maintain price advantages and improve overall efficiency.

Opportunities Facing the Business/Market

We find ourselves at the forefront of the Chinese cosmetics industry’s upswing. Domestic cosmetics and skincare products in China are experiencing rapid development, with continuously improving quality. Additionally, China’s vast land and abundant resources ensure a closed supply chain, granting us a clear price advantage.

Chinese consumers naturally gravitate towards innovation, particularly in the realm of beauty and skincare. Chinese women, with their rich heritage and profound knowledge in this field, display immense enthusiasm and passion.

However, it is worth noting the evident shortcomings of the Chinese people. They tend to be relatively conservative, and the Chinese internet lacks substantial connectivity with the outside world. Consequently, Chinese individuals possess limited knowledge about global trends and practices. This poses a challenge for many businesses and individuals seeking to expand Chinese cosmetics abroad.

Fortunately, I have gained experience working in the European and American markets, familiarizing myself with the consumption habits and preferences of these regions. For me, this presents the finest opportunity and the greatest challenge. I have a mission: to enhance the accessibility of high-quality and affordable Chinese cosmetics to a wider audience.

Advise Others About the Business

Entrepreneurship necessitates profound contemplation, rooted expertise in an industry, and a higher level of understanding compared to the average person. Founders must possess the ability to discern future industry trends and stay abreast of them.

I place great emphasis on following trends in entrepreneurship. It must be a process aligned with the prevailing direction.

A successful project requires the convergence of favorable conditions, ensuring the right timing, location, and people are in harmony. A good project should be completed in one go—avoid falling into the trap of trying, failing, and reinventing the wheel.

In reality, an entrepreneur’s time is limited. It’s crucial to have a financial reserve that enables you to live without worrying about your livelihood for two years. With this security, you can boldly embark on your journey. You only have a two-year window, and once you commence, there’s no possibility of turning back. It becomes a game for the courageous.

You will encounter numerous challenges, but you won’t have anyone to call for help. You must rely on yourself and overcome obstacles along the way.

Upon achieving success, reflecting on the journey, every step holds significance and value, contributing to the overall magnificence of the experience.

Lessons Learnt from Running This Business

There are no shortcuts in the realm of business; you must remain grounded and practical.

To conduct business, loyalty to customers is paramount, treating all individuals as equals. Regardless of the order size or the customer’s location, we must provide attentive service to ensure a positive customer experience.

Assuming full responsibility, once a customer’s order is placed and paid for, we accept complete accountability to ensure prompt delivery and a satisfactory shopping experience for the customer.

Thank you very much

Echo Jones

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Thank you Giejo Magazine for inviting us to share our 
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I hope everyone can feel our sincerity and upward force.

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