Febble Phantom Veil Yarn Fine Shimmer Highlighter T3917

Brand: Febble
Quantity: 1 Box of Makeup Highlighter
Net Weight: 5.5g

Selling Points:
- Transparent tone, naturally translucent, as clear as moonlight, leaving skin moist and shiny, suitable for all skin colors.
- Mochi texture, as smooth as silk, light as air and easy to spread, allowing skin to breathe easily without any burden.
- Skin-friendly, fits your skin better, and easily creates a translucent color that shines from the inside out.

The Story of Febble Brand
Febble pursues the beauty of innocence and freedom, implying that every girl is like the fragrance of February, possessing a pure and beautiful heart.
Follow the concept of "no constraints, no restrictions", constantly try and seek self-breakthrough, and explore and discover the true meaning of beauty.🙀
Febble - Natural inspiration, unlimited makeup looks💘