HERBORIST Tai Chi Biological Clock Revitalize Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream T3008

Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net weight: 0.53 fl oz/15g
Main ingredients: White peony essence, Concentrated Black Herb Essence, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Carnosine, Peptide, Ictoine.
Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin needs to be tested behind the ear and used without irritation.

HERBORIST specializes in biological clock technology, accelerates repair, precisely regulates skin biological clock, enhances skin self-protection, and forms biological function homeostasis.

1 Specially research the secret formula of Tai Chi repair, white peony essence and concentrated black herb essence, revitalize the repair power, strengthen the skin around your eyes.
2 Internal repair, external brightening, lighten dark circles, improve eye bags, make your eyes youthful glow.
3 Lighten fine lines, strengthen and firm skin, makes the skin around your eyes radiant.
4 Lightweight, moisturizing and not greasy, spreads easily and absorbs well.

The Story of HERBORIST Brand
🌱HERBORIST, let beauty comes from the root, nourishes well, personal care expert of modern Chinese herbal medicine and ancient prescription.🌱
🌱HERBORIST, established in 1998, has inherited and innovated the concept of Chinese herbal skin care, specializing in the research of Chinese women's skin, exploring more secure and more effective Chinese herbal active ingredients, leveraging the power of modern technology, activating the powerful self-protection power of the skin.🌱
🌱Today HERBORIST establishs a cutting-edge Chinese herbal medicine scientific research-level skin care expert, based on the professional theory of modern Chinese herbal medicine.🌱