Wasjoye Bahamut Vintage Princess Handmade Portable Makeup Box T3231

Brand: Wasjoye
Quantity: 1 Pc
Net weight:
Size: 6.5cm*2.8cm.
Material: Zinc alloy,  silver mirror, colored tin glue.
Production Process: Metal cast, ground and polished, hand-painted.

- The Bahamut Portable Makeup Mirror is all made of zinc alloy, which does not rust or fade, and is very textured. The color of the pattern on the box cover is hand-painted, which is drawn one by one by a professional painter, and it is definitely not made by one-time die-casting by a machine. Therefore, each box is unique.
- The back adopts metal etching process, the decoration is mysterious and beautiful, and at the same time, the friction force of the hand is enhanced, which is convenient for portable use.
- Double-sided inner silver mirror, one side is normal size, the other side has a magnified effect, and the other side can be used to touch up makeup at any time.
- The mirror surface is made of silver and has a retro European pattern, so that the overall mirror presents a mysterious, deep and cold effect, which is very suitable for daily personal use or as a gift.

The Story of Wasjoye Brand
Wasjoye is a brand specializing in handmade exquisite jewelry, retro style, palace style, and its products are famous for heavy work and fine carving.
Jewelry boxes and makeup mirrors are loved by women who love life and pursue exquisite and tasteful life.
Wasjoye, open a journey of mystical life.😘