How To Choose A Face Cream That Suits You?

In the cold winter, the moist and soft cream can not only bring sufficient nutrients to your skin, but also form a protective film on the skin's surface to protect your skin from damage. How to choose a cream that suits you? Today Viki will analyze it from three aspects: skin type, skin problems, and age.

1. Choose a face cream according to your skin type

Tips1: for oily skin

You can choose oil-control cleansing cream.
For oily skin, ordinary creams are too moisturizing, which will increase the burden on the skin and make it easier to produce oil, while the refreshing creams with oil control and moisturizing can adjust the balance of water and oil, controlling oil and replenishing water.

Tips 2: for dry skin

Moisturizing type cream.
The reduction of sebaceous gland secretion in dry skin makes it easier to dry. The moisturizing cream is easy to push evenly and quickly penetrates into the skin epidermis, is not easy to be evaporated, and better improves the moisture content of the skin.

Tips 3: for mixed skin type

Refreshing cream type.
Combination skin is more complicated, the T zone tends to be oily, and the cheeks will be slightly dry, while the refreshing gel moisturizes and moisturizes without making the T zone appear too greasy.

Tips 4: for sensitive skin

Cosmeceutical repair cream.
While moisturizing, this cream also helps repair damaged skin barriers, improve skin tolerance, reduce sensitive muscles’ response to external stimuli, and fundamentally improve allergic skin.

2. Choose according to skin problems

Tips 1: Whitening
For whitening and brightening skin, you can choose a cream containing nicotinamide, arbutin, tranexamic acid, ellagic acid, L-C and other ingredients in the ingredient list, which can inhibit tyrosinase activity and block the synthesis of dopa and dopaquinone , To reduce the accumulation of melanin, so as to play a whitening effect.

Tips 2: Anti-aging
1 Vitamin C: Studies have shown that it can promote the production of collagen and resist free radicals;
2 Coenzyme Q10: Enough to enhance skin or improve body metabolism, relieve wrinkles, is considered to be a regenerative antioxidant;
3 Peptides: It is a relatively well-known star ingredient. It can promote the proliferation of collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid, increase the water content of the skin, increase the thickness of the skin and reduce the fine lines. It is very friendly to the skin that needs anti-aging.
4 Retinol: It has been recognized for its role in improving wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stains and sagging. They are often used in cosmetics to improve the signs of skin aging. Retinol and its derivatives are recognized to accelerate the renewal of epidermal cells, stimulate collagen synthesis and increase skin thickness.

Tips 3: moisturizing
Glycerin is a good moisturizer for sister paper that only needs moisturizing. Now many face creams add ingredients. In the test results of the Hong Kong Consumer Council, more than 70% of the ingredients in the 21 face creams tested The list shows that glycerin ranks first.

Oily skin secretes strong skin oils in summer. In fact, using lotion can play a moisturizing effect. Lotion and cream are actually similar in effect, except that the texture of the lotion is refreshing and the texture of the cream is thick.
Therefore, for oily and oily skin, you can use lotion instead of cream in summer.
In the spring, autumn and winter seasons, you can choose some light creams according to the condition of your skin.

Medium-dry skin needs to use face cream all year round. This type of skin has a wide range of options, and most creams are suitable. It should be noted that the moisturizing effect should be good in autumn and winter.

Sensitive skin creams are more particular, because the skin is naturally sensitive or is in an allergic period, skin care products should be mild and have a certain repair effect.
These repair creams are generally thicker.

3 Choose according to skin age.

Skin age below 24 years old: moisturizing cream
This is when the skin is in its best condition, and its metabolism and repair ability are in a very ideal state. Even if there are some minor problems, it can be repaired quickly.
Just use a moisturizing and hydrating cream that is not very functional.

Skin age 25-30 years old: Anti-oxidant cream
From the age of 25, the collagen in the skin begins to lose, the skin moisture gradually decreases, and some minor problems often occur, but the resistance is still good, and the elasticity is still good.
At this time, the skin has begun to become fragile, and it is necessary to enhance the skin's antioxidant properties to prevent cells from being invaded by external pollution, leading to the appearance of fine lines.
Antioxidant creams generally have the following ingredients: vitamin C, polyphenol series, SOD, ellagic acid, ginkgo biloba etc.

Skin age 30~35 years old: Spot-reducing and firming cream
Most women of this age have already given birth to children, endocrine disorders are prone to disorder, and wrinkles and spots appear on the skin gradually. To cope with this kind of skin, it is necessary to use creams that can improve the metabolism of skin melanin and make skin cells more plumped, smoothed and firmed. It should be noted that when applying cream, you must not ignore the dead corners of the forehead, corners of the eyes, and corners of lips that are often overlooked in normal maintenance. You can focus on using anti-wrinkle products on these areas.

Skin age over 35 years old: repair cream
The skin has degraded significantly and is sensitive to external stimuli. Wrinkles and spots have begun to spread to the face, and even more serious skin problems will occur. The main purpose of skin at this age is to repair the skin and delay aging.

1. Facial creams with whitening effects are generally not very moisturizing, and the moisturizing effect is not very good. When using this type of cream, you must do a good job of moisturizing and moisturizing for medium-dry skin. For example, adding a moisturizing essence and using essence oil in autumn and winter are all good moisturizing skin care methods.
2. Facial creams with anti-aging effects are generally very moisturizing. Oily/oily skin should avoid using these creams in summer to prevent excessive oil secretion from clogging skin pores, resulting in acne and closed mouth.

Therefore, a suitable cream is particularly important, and how to choose it is more important.

Hope these sharing can help you to choose face cream.

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