How To Do Well Oil Control For Your Skin?

Ask: The whole face is oily, the skin is dull and dull, and occasionally acne occurs. How to take care of it? Oil control products are not effective. Should I hydrate? Usually go to bed around 11 o'clock, and work and rest are fairly regular.

oily skin

1. Why do you become oily?

If you want to know where to start controlling oil, you must first figure out why you are so oily. 

The secreted male hormones are reduced to DHT under the action of reductase, and then DHT enters the sebaceous glands to order it to secrete oil. If there are too many male hormones, the result is a large amount of oil secretion. After a large amount of oil is discharged from the pores, it spreads evenly on the face, forming a bright sebum film, which looks like a shiny face.

Therefore, the root cause of excessive oil production is: too much male hormone secretion.

Especially men have oily skin that lasts for a long time, and some people are still very oily in their 40s. Of course, there are also many women with oily skin. Some of them are still oily even in their 30s.

2. Where does oil control start?

Skin care products can't deal with male hormones, only oral medication or vitamin B.

Vitamin B6 and B2: Reduce sebum secretion (B6 can be supplemented with leeks and broccoli)

Vitamin A: Reduce sebum secretion and prevent hyperkeratosis of hair follicles (8-10 pieces of pig liver about 100 grams can meet the vitamin A required for a week)

Zinc: balance hormones and inhibit sebaceous gland secretion (raw oysters contain only a small amount of carbohydrates, eating 2 medium-sized oysters can meet the amount of zinc required for 1 day)

The core of oily skin care is "exhaust more than supplement", cleansing and strengthening keratin metabolism are the first.

Now we come to discuss how to properly control oil and clean.

2.1 Don't over-clean.

The oily skin itself is an emergency protective response made by the body's protection mechanism. Excessive cleaning will only stimulate the skin's protective barrier more, which is equivalent to sending a signal to make it produce more oil to protect you.

Normal oily skin is enough to cleanse your face every morning and night. Dry skin and the second type of damaged skin mentioned above should be cleaned with facial cleanser once a day. You can use clean water to wash your face in the morning.

2.2 Do not use soap-based cleansing.

In order to achieve short-term sensory effects, many products advertised as "oil control" design soap-based cleansers with strong cleansing power; add high-concentration alcohol toners and add menthol essences that can only bring cooling but are very stimulating. Do not choose these products, they will cause a vicious cycle of skin. Choose mild amino acid cleansing products instead of soap-based cleansing, you will feel the skin changes over time.


2.3  Don't care about sun protection.

Oil oxidation can easily clog pores and cause skin problems. It can also cause dull and rough skin. Therefore, sun protection cannot be ignored, and some strong antioxidants such as vitamin C, arbutin, tea polyphenols, etc. can also be used.

2.4  Don't give up skin care products just because of oil.

Normal skin care steps are a very important process of maintaining skin stability. Abandoning skin care products is equivalent to giving up skin repair, which means letting your skin break. Also don’t over-pursue the refreshing experience of skin care products or even just use gel to make up skin care products. These so-called refreshing feelings are actually a large proportion of volatile ingredients in skin care products, which will give you the illusion of no burden. You can It is understood that they are not absorbed but volatilized. On the contrary, when your skin is supplemented with skin care products, the body balance mechanism will receive a signal that your skin is sufficiently oily and does not need to produce too much oil.

2.5  Can water control oil?

This topic has been discussed badly. Because of the lack of water and the imbalance of oil and water, it is estimated that all shopping guides are the killer. Oily skin also needs hydration, but hydration cannot control oil. As can be seen from the previous roadmap, skin oil has nothing to do with skin moisture content. It can be proved from another angle. If the skin is dry and oily, what kind of lotion and cream should you buy for dry skin, just let the skin dry to the ground! When it dries to a certain extent, the oil will come out naturally. This layer of oil is better than lotion and cream oil!

Compared with the chemical elements silica, polymethyl silsesquioxane, and polymethyl methacrylate, we should choose pure plant skin care products to pay oil, which will condition the skin, be gentler and less irritating, and solve it fundamentally Oily skin.

I have always believed in the power of herbs.

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