Most Useful Makeup Tutorial To Apply Mascara In Correct Way

Once a makeup artist once said that if you go out, there is only one makeup step that is to apply mascara. This shows the importance of applying mascara.

But some people don’t know how to use mascara at all. What is the correct procedure?

Step 1. Use ordinary eyelash curler to curl up the eyelashes

Before brushing the eyelashes, you need to first curl the eyelashes so that the eyelashes have an upturned angle, so that it will be easier to brush to the roots when brushing. Because the eyelashes are in a "naked" state at this time, you can simply clip them with an ordinary eyelash curler. Do not use excessive force to damage the eyelashes in order to pursue the curling effect. Of course, you must also try to be close to the roots of the eyelashes when you clamp it, rather than at a stunned angle from the half.

Step 2. Brush the eyelashes, please don't apply it in the "Z" shape!

After curling the eyelashes, start applying mascara. I believe you must have seen the "Z" smearing method in many techniques. After the editor has tried it, definitely give a big fork!

I would like to remind everyone that applying mascara like this is very easy to get fly feet eyelashes, so don't follow this method again! The correct way is to lift your head slightly, you can clearly see the roots of your eyelashes in the mirror, and then use the brush head to brush from the roots upwards, and then just follow the brush. When the brush head is at the root, you can lift it up a little bit harder, and stay for a longer time, the purpose is to make the root thicker and more upward. In the corners of the eyes and the end of the eyes, you can put the brush head upright and brush the eyelashes on both sides from bottom to top, so that you can ensure that all the eyelashes are brushed.

Step 3. Brush the eyelashes, please stand up the brush head

Many people will ignore this step, or give up because they find it difficult. But in fact, this action plays a key role in enlarging the eyes, and it must not be skipped. When brushing the eyelashes, you can use the method of combining the brush head horizontally and vertically, and the vertical brush can create a distinct effect. The lower eyelashes are generally short and sparse, which will stain the lower eyelids when brushed. You can put a paper towel under the eyelashes so that they can be stretched boldly when brushing. The lower eyelashes are not easy to use with a tool holder, so when brushing, use a little force to press down the eyelashes with the brush head, so that the lower eyelashes will extend downward infinitely.

Or you can hold a spoon so it's hugging your eyelid, then apply your mascara like you normally would. As you sweep the mascara wand against your lashes and back of the spoon, the residue will coat the back of the utensil rather than your skin. 

Well, a spoon makes perfect eyelashes. Genius. 

Step 4. Comb through the eyelashes to get rid of fly feet eyelashes

After the upper and lower eyelashes were painted, the work was not done. Many people just lost at this moment and went out with flies feet eyelashes, ruining all efforts.

In order to pursue the thick effect, the mascara is repeatedly applied, sticky and clumping are inevitable. At this time, the eyelash comb is a small tool to help. Choose an eyelash comb with a metal comb.

The slender and advantageous features can help you straighten out your eyelashes and give them a distinct and perfect effect.

Ok, all is right. I hope our tutorial can help you.

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