How Do I Shrink Pores And Reduce Pore Size Effectively

The pores are thick and usually appear at the tip of the nose, on both sides of the nose, around the nose, cheeks, forehead, etc.

 What factors can cause enlarged pores?
1. Increased synthesis and secretion of sebaceous glands (oily skin).
2. Large volume of skin hair follicles.
3. Sun damage.
4. The effect of sex hormone levels will cause pores to become larger.
5. Improper use of skin care and makeup products that can cause acne, and the cleaning is not enough.
How to solve the problem of enlarged pores?
1. Avoid using skin creams that can induce blackheads or acne during the day.
2. Improve lifestyle, avoid improper skin care, and do a good job of cleansing, but do not over clean the face, you can also properly use skin care products with oil control.
3. Use some products that help cutin metabolism and avoid clogged pores, such as some shrinking pore skin care products containing salicylic acid, fruit acid, nicotinamide, plant-derived copper chlorophyll complex and other ingredients.
Of course, physical therapy can also be used: such as laser therapy, radio frequency microneedles, etc.
Improving pores, of course, the sooner the better. In the early stages of pore enlargement, when there are no visible holes, it is time to take action.

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