How To Choose The Right Shade For Eyebrow Pencil

Did you know that the colour of your eyebrows is very close to the natural colour of your hair?

This is why when you happen to use a brow tint or pencil that’s slightly darker or lighter than the actual colour of your hair, your eyebrows end up looking fake and overpowering. It’s the one big rule to achieving the best brows—they need to look natural, blend with the natural colour of your tresses and go with your skin tone.

Want to know which eyebrow pencil shade you need for your brows? Read on to find out…

If you have naturally dark or black hair

You might assume that a black eyebrow pencil will complement your super dark hair but a black one might end up looking rather fake. Instead, go for a dark brown that would work best when filling in your brows. But if your skin tone is rather deep, make sure you first use a dark brown and then go over to fill them in with a black very subtly.

If you have naturally brown hair

If you have brown tresses, go for a medium brown shade that will do perfect justice. Also remember that your eyebrow pencil shade should be a wee bit lighter than the actual brow colour since the oils in your skin often oxidise the pigment and make it darker.

If you have blonde hair colour

Usually, overtly light colours start looking ashy on your skin (for both cool and warm tones) and do nothing for eyebrows too. So if you have typically Indian skin tones, try sticking to a taupe that’s not overtly deep brown, not too light; more in the nude family.

If you have mulled wine or burgundy hair colour

In this case, you can’t match your brows to your hair. If you’re cool toned, rely on a pale brown eyebrow pencil that should do the trick but if you’re warm toned, go with a deep brown that won’t look too overpowering on your face yet enhance your features.

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