Wholesale Benefit

Hello, our dear wholesale customer, 
We are very happy that you love our products and are willing to wholesale our products.

To simplify the process and save each other's time, we cooperate as follows:

We offer a uniform discount of 22% to wholesale customers, there is no limit on the amount of consumption, and it is used for all website products.

Please use discount code: owner22

If your wholesale customer's single consumption amount exceeds 200 US dollars, we will give a special discount of 27%, and it is used for all website products.

Please use the discount code: owner27

Note: Discount codes are applied during the first step of checkout.

We hope we all have a great development and better serve our customers and society.

💖Enjoy Your Shopping 💖

Any questions and needs, please do not hesitate to contact us:
You can also contact us through our Official Facebook Page, Official Instagram page, and our website online Chat, we will definitely process your request promptly.

Thank you for your support!