PROYA Firming Secret Repair Facial Cleanser T2171

Brand: PROYA
Quantity: 1 stick.
Net weight: 120 g.
Main ingredients: Deep sea water, Pleurotus ostreatus, Glacial sea active bacteria, carotene extract.

Deep nourishing: Light texture, multiple marine skin care ingredients, so that the losing vitality skin gradually reveals full luster.
Moisturizing and repairing: Long-lasting enhancement of skin repairing power, moisturizing the skin.
Gentle cleansing: Penetrate deep into the skin to help remove deep oil and dirt in the skin, and promote subsequent nutrient absorption.
Improve fine lines: Promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastic fibers, improve sagging and sagging skin, and reduce wrinkles.

Suitable: All skin types.

Product ingredients:
Pleurotus ostreatus: Contains pleurotus ostreatus essence to stimulate the vitality of the skin. Promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastic fiber to tighten the skin.
Deep sea water: Contains a variety of marine natural organic matter and nutrient moisturizing factors.
Glacia sea active bacteria: While moisturizing, it helps to repair the skin, and has an effect on the elasticity of the skin.
Carotene extract: Enhance the skin's protective ability.