RNW Lactobacillus Fruit Acid Exfoliating Mild Peeling Gel T2879

Brand: RNW
Quantity: 1 stick
Net Weight: 150ml
Lactobacillus fruit acid, Water soluble jojoba oil, Rosemary leaf extract,
Trehalose, roselle flower extract, white bead leaf extract, vitamin B5, honey extract, elderflower extract.

With clogged pores, you will face 2 major skin problems:
closed acne,
The reason is the accumulation of dead skin and keratin, the accumulation of oil, and the lack of cleaning.
So you need this Exfoliating Mild Peeling Gel.
Rich in Lactobacillus fruit acid, purify pores, cleanse oil and cuticles, get rid of blackheads,brighten skin tone, promote the absorption of follow-up skin care products.
Inhibit lipid peroxidation, activate cell regeneration, effectively replenish moisture, soothes sensitivity and revitalizes skin. Mild and non-irritating, exfoliating does not hurt the skin.
Plant astringent essence oil, cleans pores and dirt, soothes and firms your skin, balence water and oil, effectively soothes and shrinks pores.
Also can be used all over the body hands, elbows, back, knees, heels

How To Use:
Massage in circular motions to bring out the dirt from the pores,
After rinsing off, the skin is super smooth

The Story of RNW Brand:
RNW, insisting on minimalist skin care, was founded in 2016, specializing in research on the efficacy of ingredients and creating an aesthetic skin care genre - ingredient aesthetics.
Anchored by its motto"Renew your skin", RNW brings out the natural beauty of women by helping them achieve healthy complexions through its cosmeceutical skin care products. Its patented Celrederm™ helps to conduct nutrients into skin while soothing it and protecting it from external aggressors.
RNW is famous for its DER.Clear Bubble Deep Cleanser, DER.Special Ceramide Cream and DER.Concentrate Hyaluronic Acid Plus, which are primarily formulated with EWG green-grade ingredients.
Ingredient aesthetics, keeping innocence, doing minimalism in skin care.