AGE 20's Essence Glow Liquid Foundation SPF 35+ PA++ T2943

Brand: AEKYUNG / AGE 20's
Quantity: 1 Bottle.
Net Weight: 30g
#13 Pearl White
Suitable for fair skin tones
Cool skin tone
#21 Natural Color
Suitable for natural or yellowish skin tones
#23 Beige
Suitable for dull or dark skin tones
Style & Function:
Oil Control Concealer Version
1 Oil control & concealer.
2 Light and thin texture to create a more natural makeup.
Watery Concealer Version
1 Patent of ceramide compound technology, adjust the balance of water and oil, keep moisturizing for a long time.
2 Powerful concealer ingredients, conceal imperfections and cover pores.

Product description:
1 Contains 70% anti-oxidant essence water droplets, which makes the base makeup fit your skin better, and effectively keep makeup for 8 hours.
2 Contains Airy ingredients, good breathability, no burden on your skin.
3 Triple concealer ingredients, strong concealer, brightening and radiant, making the skin smoother and more delicate.
4 Niacinamide, brightens skin tone, reduces melanin production.
5 SPF 35+ PA++, UV protection, effective protection

The Story of AGE 20's Brand
AGE 20's is a Korea brand, which focus on pressed powder foundation. It developed and launched the first product called Age 20's Essence cover fact enriched with 71% skincare vital essence, containing 7 antioxidants ingredient to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.
Age 20's satisfies delicate senses and sensibilities by adding vitality to the body and mind so that you can be the most beautiful figure at this moment.
Express the most beautiful time of all women, bring back the skin of age 20's.
Why you should choose them?
No.1 in Foundation for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in User Satisfaction for 5 consecutive years
No.1 in Korea's Best Cosmetics for 2 consecutive years