KaSi Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine Pen T2778

Brand: KaSi
Size: Length 14.7cm; Diameter 2.3cm
Input Voltage Range: 100-240V, 0/60Hz, 5V 2A (US Plug)
Output Voltage: DC 0-12V
Two Styles:
Space Silver
Rose Gold

❤0-35000 RPM continuously alterable speed switching, works great for polishing, removing your acrylic nails or gel nails.
❤Low heat, low noise, low vibration, and portable compact, easy to use this nail drill machine
❤Easy to operate with Forward/Reverse directions, suitable for left-hand and right-hand.
❤USB charging design lets you get cord freedom, feel free to enjoy your nail art at home or travel.
❤Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry.

How to Replace the Grinding Head:
1 Rotate left to the unlocked icon
2 Take out the old grinding head
3 Put on a new grinding head
4 Rotate right to the lock icon and close it

1 Three-petal Spring Lock
Strong compatibility, suitable for general purpose grinding heads
2 Power Interface
Adopt ABS plastic insulation material, safe and prevent electric shock
3 Aluminum Alloy Body
Ergonomic design, comfortable grip and easy operation

The Story of KaSi Brand
KaSi, the TOP 1 nail brand in China, was established in 2012. Its main products include phototherapy machines, nail polish, nail polish, nail tools, etc.
KaSi is committed to creating high-quality nail products that pursue pure colors, super pigmented, and healthy and environmentally friendly.
The choice of nail products is KaSi.