KellyKessa Professional Special Steel Steel Cuticle Pusher Dead Skin Remover T3513

Brand: KellyKessa
Quantity: 1 stick
B001 Russian Double-headed Horseshoe Pusher
B002 Steel Pusher
B003 Steel Pusher
B005 Steel Pusher
B006 Steel Pusher
B007 Steel Pusher
B008 Steel Pusher
A001 Small Steel Pusher
A002 Big Steel Pusher
A302 High Gloss Dead Skin Fork For Beginner
A303 High Gloss Dead Skin Fork For manicurists
#Front Sand Rub (quantity 100)

KellyKessa interprets fingertip art aesthetics with rich colors.
It makes your life so beautiful.

1 Selected 420 special steel, good corrosion resistance.
2 Double-head design, more convenient to use.
3 Safely, quickly and deeply push out dead skin.
4 Fits the edge of the nail, parallel to the nail surface, evenly stressed, safe and does not hurt your nail.

The Story of KellyKessa Brand
KellyKessa, established in 2016, focuses on the R&D, production and sales of gel polish and nail tools.

Get inspiration from the fashion runway, cooperate with global brand suppliers, create each product with heart, combine international cutting-edge makeup trends, provide consumers with rich and professional nai art products, and bring more beauty and happiness to people's lives .

With "UNLIMITED BEAUTY" as the brand proposition, it advocates that the younger generation should not be bound by external labels, but strive to break through themselves, actively explore more possibilities in life, and meet a better self.

KellyKessa, love what I love.💅💯