WINONA Oil-Control Moist Relieving Cleansing Foam T2205

Quantity: 1 Bottle
Net weight: 150 ml.
Main ingredients: natural alkly glycoside, portulaca oleracea, spiraea elm, bisabolol, sodium hyaluronate.

Specially designed for oily skin, skin with acnes and sensitive oily skin.
Applicable for oily skin, skin with acnes and even highly sensitive oily skin.

With its natural alkyl glycoside active cleansing formula, weakly acidic and free of soap base, hence WINONA Soothing Oil-Control Cleansing Foam can gently remove the excessive sebum and aged stratum corneum.
It contains sodium hyaluronate which can restore water-oil balance, moisturize skin & resulted in controlled oil incretion. The natural spiraea ulmaria extract can shrink pores and reduce oil secretion to keep skin oil-free. Plus natural portulaca oleracea extract, bisabolol and zingiber officinale root extract soothes and relieve skin irritation.

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WINONA: Caring for Sensitive Skin

The Story of WINONA Brand
WINONA is a cosmeceutical skin care brand, established in 2008, focusing on the research and development of sensitive skin products, using a dermatological-based approach and using high-tech biotechnology. WINONA's skin care products are to improve skin problems include soothing and moisturizing, whitening and acne, firming and other series.

WINONA has obtained the international cosmetics CERT certification. WINONA skin care products use a number of patented technologies and adopt a gentle formula based on dermatology to meet the GMPC standards required by the United States and the European Union for cosmetics.

Major patents obtained
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